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Focus on your business and let us automate the routine website migrations for your company. Transfer any website completely automatically to any server. Save time, money and streamline your business.

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Cutting-edge tech

Cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art solutions make website migration extremely fast and scalable. Transfer any size websites to and from any host.


All data is transferred via SSL. All login credentials are stored 256-bit AES encrypted on a secure database server. After transfer is finished, all credentials, files and other data is removed immediately. Read more here.


The system will transfer your website fully automatically to another host. If (for some reason) the transfer fails, it will be migrated manually by our experts team. Guaranteed! Our system, by design, will never break you current website. Read more here.
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Why choose Transfer.Website?

Compatible with all hosts

The system is designed to migrate website between any servers with a single click. The cheapest web hosting, virtual, dedicated servers, cloud, we can handle it all. PHP module is required.


Even the cheapest web hosting servers won't be affected as all of the work happens on our side. All magic replacements will be executed on our fast servers.


Lightning fast migration because if our unique solutions. We export, transfer and upload all the website from extremely fast servers in different locations with multiple threads.    

Migrate huge website

When size doesn't matter. Transfer website to a new host, no matter how big it is. Everything is possible.

Single click migration

Enter requested credential and click Start. That's it! We will take care of files and database migration, path / host / URL and other smart replacements. Just one click.

45+ CMS

Developed for any website, but with most popular CSM in mind: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, MODX, PrestaShop, TYPO3, Concrete5. Also with framework: Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter. And many more. Works perfectly with static websites or without / custom made CMS.

What our clients say about Transfer Website

Introducing our website migration service!


Transfer.website is a revolution in website migrations. Eliminate routine work and focus on what matters most – growing your business. Our system will handle every aspect of website migration automatically for you, like: files download, database export, path adjustments, files uploading etc. Our all-in-one solution will transfer your full website and database to a new server. A new website transfer can be created in three simple steps. Just add a new migration and we will handle the rest.

  • 45+ known CMS’s
  • Successful migration guarantee
  • No storage or traffic limits
  • Login data will be stored encrypted
  • Powerful panel
  • Premium-class personal support
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Transparent pricing

How website transfer works

Select website to migrate

Select website you need to migrate. It doesn’t matter what CMS or host, it’s all possible.

Fill in the details

Enter the details that are required to migrate the website, like FTP and database credentials. Some of those will be pre-filled based on your selections.

Click 'Start transfer' button

That’s it! We will take care of your website migration from here and will notify you when it’s done.

Transfer.Website was built to eliminate daily website migration routines. You company is growing and you get new clients every day. In our times tech and price is not enough any more for a consumer. It’s all about a service. To provide a perfect personal service to each client you  have to go a step further. Like website migration service for your customer. This cost a lot of time for your company, this cost your company money. Routine work should be automated. In 2017 with this mindset Transfer.Website was created.


With more than 5 years of experience and 12.000+ completed migrations we can assure you that we are experts in website migrations. Give it a try. Just fill in your FTP credentials and we will take care of the rest. Why to do it manually if you can spend your time on more important things, like your business?

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